Remote Possibilities

Since Bo was using the TV in the basement most of the time to watch his favorite westerns or war movies,  and since my brother-in-law suggested that a Wii might be just the thing to keep him active,  I visited Best Buy again.

This time I decided I would have things simplified.  It seemed that the timing would be good, doing it while he was  in his early stages so he could become accustomed to a new, simpler remote while he had time to make it a habit.  I thought.

So,  I got out my Discover card and ordered a new one-remote-for-all and a Wii, plus  Best Buy’s services to come and set it all up. Oh,  and I also bought new telephones because our old set wasn’t holding the charge anymore. My card quivered when the total was added; we could have taken a cruise.

The technician who hooked everything up assured me our problems would be solved. Nothing could be simpler than this new remote.  It asks all the right questions,  gives answers and solves problems.  But it  isn’t that simple.  This was something new for my impatient husband.  Even in his best days Boris didn’t particularly like technology;  he occasionally did a Blue Book search for cars and liked to play BookWorm, but otherwise he wouldn’t use the computer. He tried a couple of times to use Email when I was on a trip (I left specific printed directions) but it wasn’t for him.  No cell phone either.

I printed out the specific directions for this new remote too  (Press Power – Hold the remove facing the TV for it to cycle through it’s steps– Look at the little dial on the remote – Press “Watch TV”. )  Still it wasn’t fool-proof.  He couldn’t adapt to the new protocol.  (If the TV doesn’t go on …..)

Next, I printed out the steps to watch a DVD, which was what he really wanted to do when he watched movies in the basement where we have surround sound.  No luck.  He was frustrated quickly and  stopped going to the basement to watch his movies.

Once again,  I had learned a lesson.  It seems as if on this journey,  I am always learning new lessons and chastising myself for not thinking ahead …for not anticipating a new problem.  Or for being too impulsive or  expecting too much.   I tend to do things quickly,  to walk fast,  grocery shop fast,  get chores over with …  but he is doing things more slowly now.   I’m having to learn to turn away, take deep breaths,  and wait.  A lesson in how to slow down, I suppose you’d say.  Those deep breaths help a lot.

Next blog:  The Wii

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2 Responses to Remote Possibilities

  1. This is so beautifully written with the everyday things that begin to change. I see so much of what you talk about in your journey with my loved ones, my mother-in-law is in the later stages of Alzheimer’s, but still at home with help and family and my neighbor, Miss D who will be clearly leaving the early stages of dementia soon. This post resonates with me because I have learned so much patience. I’ve learned to take the time and hear that question 20 times from Miss D and comfort her with the answers. I love my mother-in-law more than ever through this process. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog, but I know it will be well worth it.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It’s a life that so many of us share — too many of us.

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