Who’s Karen?

I had been talking on the phone with my friend Karen,  and when I hung up,  I started to tell Bo about our conversation.

“Karen? “  he asked.  “Who’s Karen?”

I could see the question on his face.

“You know.  My friend Karen … we shop together, eat lunch out,  get our hair cut. We’re together a lot.”

“Oh,”  Bo said.

I decided to push.  “Do you know who I mean?”

“Not really.”

“She’s tall, attractive,  has dark hair.”

He didn’t say anything. “Married to Jay.  We worked together for years.”

“Oh,” he said knowingly.

I decided to push.  “You don’t really know who she is, do you?”

“No,” he replied sheepishly.

I  dropped the topic, but went straight upstairs to find a picture of Karen.  “It’s time,” I told myself as I went through a box of photos from the top of the closet.  “Time to make an  album of people’s faces so I can show them to him when he’s unsure.”

I found Karen’s picture and took it to him.  ‘Oh”,  he said, as if it didn’t really matter.

This conversation told me a lot.  More than I had realized.  More than I want to know. When Bo says he knows,  he probably doesn’t.  Another setback.

Postscript:  This morning when we got up,  Bo knew exactly who Karen is.

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1 Response to Who’s Karen?

  1. Karen Phillips says:

    Unbelieveable . . . . . This truly is a day by day experience. You are always in my thoughts, Nancy.

    Luv ya!

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