What if?

We were in the kitchen cleaning up after Bo’s birthday dinner.  My back was to Boris when suddenly he lurched and I turned to see him starting to fall.  I helped him to the chair.  His speech was slurred and he said he “felt funny.”

The episode lasted perhaps 20 or 30 seconds,  then we went to sit on the family room sofa. Bo was “so tired” that he wanted to go straight to bed, but I wouldn’t let him…made him sit up for another hour and a half.

Thoughts I never wanted to have forced their way into my mind.  What would I have done if ….. ?  Was this a precursor to something more serious?  What if … ?

It dawned on me that it may have been a TIA (transient ischemic attack) which I looked up on the computer;  the symptoms matched.  Some previous incidents also came into focus.

Last Saturday he had “fallen” onto the sofa, saying his left leg was numb. He didn’t know when it  had started … just as he was walking into the room, he thought. I credited it to bending over so much while cleaning the yard that morning.  “Probably hurt your back,” I  had said to him.

Then there were the “vertigo” attacks he’s had over the past several years.  Each one I treated with his antivert, and he slept it off.  I had told a friend that I thought he slipped cognitively after each of these.  Could they be related?

So I met with our doctor and his recommendation was to do testing to try to find out what may be happening. Is it TIA’s?  Seizures? Some other scenario?  Another concern is how  tired – extremely tired — Bo often says he feels.   Dr. Runfola pointed out to me that it is better for me to be informed – to perhaps know what we’re dealing with.

A year or two ago, Bo would have refused to have the tests.  His fatalism ruled his every decision.  But now he’s very malleable – willing to follow my suggestions, so he had a couple of tests on Friday and will have an MRI on Wednesday.

Then we’ll see if ……

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1 Response to What if?

  1. Karen Phillips says:

    I know you must want the results of these tests “yesterday” so that you can determine and plan the next step that will be in Boris’ best interest. You are in my thoughts every day. Day by day, my dearest friend.

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