A Good Evening

I’m still waiting for test results. I say” I’m waiting” because Bo doesn’t recall either the incidents or having the tests. I called the doctor’s office today and the reports are on his desk,  but the first appointment I can get is tomorrow morning.

A couple of times lately, Bo has felt weak and dizzy.  But at the same time,  he spends hours in the yard gathering leaves,  keeping the lawn pristine,  working so hard.

I see changes every day.  Little changes that add up to new losses and new patterns.  Alzheimer’s doesn’t sit still, at least not in our house.

I hang up the clothes Bo leaves on the chair,  move the dishes that are put away in the wrong place,   explain where the catfood is kept or where we store the paper towels.  I monitor his meds,  put together the flashlight that was left in pieces on the counter,  tell him it’s OK to throw away the empty catfood cans,  explain again and again about recycling ALL paper in the BLUE trashcan.

Last night was our friend Alla’s birthday and we were invited for dinner.  Would Bo go?  I never know how the day will turn out, especially since there is a predictable time –3 or 4 pm – when he often tells me he doesn’t feel “right.”  I ask him what is wrong and he can’t tell me.  He just says, “My head doesn’t feel right.”  This is also the time of day when he will say, “I can’t do … “ (whatever it is that we are scheduled to do.)  Often he than lies down and in an  hour gets up feeling OK.

Yesterday was a good day. He was more energetic and upbeat, was more active around the house. .. and sharper.   He went to dinner willingly and enjoyed the Russian meal with all the toasts and laughter.  It was a good evening.

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1 Response to A Good Evening

  1. Mimi says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Thanks for speaking with me tonight.
    Just an FYI: the hours of 3-4 pm or am, the cortisol levels of the body drops,
    and people generally feel tired, fatigued, or “not well” or “not themselves.”
    So a rest period or nap is great for everyone at that time.
    At least for now this may be helpful to Boris.
    Schedule appt with the docs earlier in the day.
    In my thoughts & prayers,

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