Blue Spruce Down

This morning I stepped out to spread some birdseed and discovered that our huge (60 feet) blue spruce in the back yard had fallen over.  It blew down in one of the giant gusts of wind sometime yesterday, landing delicately between our garage and our neighbor’s bedroom windows. It had fallen so gently that we heard nothing.

What to do?  Another problem to solve alone.

Bo was just waking up and I knew that he wouldn’t know what to do or whom to call. So I sent out three emails asking friends for ideas.

My friend Rodney came to the rescue.  He called a handyman he knows,  then came over immediately to start on the project.  He loves projects like this – fresh air and physical labor – a great break from his day job.  He’s a friend everyone wishes for.

By now, Boris was up and quite concerned but also somewhat confused.  I asked him to get our chain saw (which he simply didn’t remember ever having or using) from the garage storage cabinet.  I could see that he wasn’t sure what to do.

Rodney arrived and we went to a rental store for a bigger chain saw.  We convinced Bo to ride with us because I was afraid he’d try to cut branches off while we were gone.  The tree was leaning precariously on our neighbor’s shed and if it fell, could  hurt Bo or damage the shed.  About an hour after we brought the chain saw home,  he had forgotten that we rented it.

You could see how helpless he felt throughout the entire process.  He carried branches to the curb and several times  asked me what to do next.  He sometimes processes information so slowly that he misses things and has to have them re-explained.

By noon,  the length of the tree trunk was cleared of branches,  and a handyman arrived.  He moved supports under the trunk and began cutting.  In about 15 minutes the trunk was cut up and moved to the curb; the only thing remaining was the stump.

So many questions were repeated throughout the morning that Rodney said to me before he left, “Now I see how difficult it is for him –he forgets  immediately.”

“Yes,”  I replied, thinking of  the chain saw cutting through the giant blue spruce, branch by branch,  then severing the trunk, piece by piece.  It reminded me of Bo’s loss, his memories fading, one by one, until they will all be erased.  The cruelty of it breaks my heart.

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6 Responses to Blue Spruce Down

  1. Dianne says:

    Oh Nancy, aren’t you glad you were raised to be a strong independent woman that can problem solve? Glad you had Rodney to help. Barb Jardel’s husband is a tree surgeon. She is the secretary at R.

  2. Mimi says:

    Dearest Nancy,

    Glad that Rodney was able to help.
    Beautiful writing and analogy of the tree & Boris.
    Think of you often and your grief.
    In my prayers,

  3. Kathe Shakespeare says:

    Dear Nancy,
    Thanks so much for including me in your very personal commentary.. So sad for you and Boris, but so insightful and eloquent for the rest of us!!
    With fond regards,
    Kathe S.

  4. charlotte guarino says:

    We are one of those few people who are fortunate to have Rodney as a friend. He
    always seems to be there at the right time. Keep the faith, Nancy.

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