Things I’m Learning to Do …

Check the cupboards once a day, move a dish or pan that has been put into the wrong place.

Put all leftovers into clear glass containers so the food is visible at first glance in the refrigerator.  Label things in the cupboard.

Always write where I’m going,  and when I’ll be home  on the whiteboard on our kitchen table.  Set out meal items  with a written list beside them  (if I have to be out.)

Keep up-to-date calendars with detailed information  and a bulletin board on the door to the garage (beside the coat closet) for extra reminders.

Label valves, pipes and fuse boxes for my own sanity.

Put directions for things like the garage door opener,  the sprinkler system,  lighting the gas fireplace into Ziploc bags and tack them nearby.  For me.

Label as many things as possible:  gas container for the lawn mower and the snow blower;  food containers; all pill bottles (“Nancy’s stomach pill”)   or (“vitamins: take at breakfast.”)

Post a large sign above the trash cans:  Red – bottles and glass;  blue -newspapers;      green – ….. Trash is an ongoing issue.  Our collectors won’t take plastic bags,   haven’t taken them for years.  We put our leaves on the curb and the town sucks them up to make mulch. But for three weeks in a row, I had to re-package the yard trash and drag it to the curb. There were so many leaves one week,  I loaded the giant paper lawn bags into the SUV and backed down the driveway to put them at the curb late at night.

Keep a large card with car mileage (both cars)  and due dates for oil changes, tire rotation and inspections and registrations.  This way whenever Bo starts to fret about one of these things, which often happens, I can show him where we are.

Make a file for everything so it’s at my fingertips.

Surreptitiously slip new pants a size smaller into his closet and replace sweaters and old underwear and sox.

Set an alarm on my phone as a reminder for his daily after-lunch pill.

Make a photo book of friends and family for when we need to see a face.

Being a teacher has helped me a lot on this journey,  but now I need a new kind of patience that I never learned in the classroom.

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3 Responses to Things I’m Learning to Do …

  1. Dianne says:

    Patience, I always say that I learned to have Professional Patience as a teacher. I wish I was there to give you support and I know that I cannot understand how hard it must be and how draining on a daily basis Nancy. Try to nurture yourself when you are able. You and Bo are in my daily prayers. xo, Dianne

  2. Mimi says:

    Dearest Nancy,

    What I said to you in our last email is so true, and reflected in your daily life with Bo
    and this last memoir: Your need for order and a regular routine just to keep your sanity, and time out with close friends on a weekly basis.
    Not to feel pressed more than you already experience.
    You are in my thoughts & prayers.
    Hope we can talk soon by phone.

  3. Charlotte Guarino says:

    Patience, patience, patience, my dear. It must get very trying day in and day out.
    I commend you, Nancy. You’re a “one of a kind”. Hope to see you out soon. The next time you take a break. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

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