I’m almost finished shopping…just have to buy a couple of belts.

I’ve completely changed Bo’s closet from size Large to Medium;  from 38 to 36.  He has lost so much weight.

If I asked him to shop for clothes,  he’d balk.  Not necessary.  Who cares?

I CARE!   I don’t want him to look unkempt,  like an older person who isn’t cared for.  I want him to look well dressed and sharp, as he always has looked.  So his clothes have been replaced – matching color and styles.  Our friends even brought him three new “CAVU” shirts from their boat to replace the ones he loves.

After he went to sleep at night,  I brought in the bags,  clipped the tags,  pressed the clothes,  and hung them in the closet, removing the old pieces one by one as they were replaced.  Then I moved the old ones to the trunk of my car for a trip to Good Will.

He hasn’t noticed.

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5 Responses to Downsizing

  1. Dianne says:

    Wow Nancy, sounds like you have learned a lot by watching CSI. (Replacing and discarding evidence.) Sorry for the lost weight but Goodwill will benefit, and your beau/Bo will look polished and preppy as you like him. Keep your goal on the silver linings of this journey. xo, Dianne

  2. Mimi says:

    I love Diane’s comment about CSI, and replacing & discarding evidence! Made me laugh!
    Think of you often and wait for the next blog!

  3. Greg says:

    I too have replaced the old with the new and Mom has not noticed.
    God has a special plan for you and I thank Him each day that I too
    am able to be there for Mom.

  4. Karen Phillips says:

    Really Nancy, the trunk of the car? You never told me this part of the discarding process. You are a “super sleuth.

    Always in my thoughts.


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