Last night Boris got lost for the first time.  He and Emma went out for a walk about 6 – it was dark, but most houses are bright with  Christmas lights.

I was sitting on the sofa and nodded off.  When I awoke – 25 minutes later?  maybe longer?  —  I realized they should be back home.  So I got in the car and drove around.  I found them on the next block.  I had my high beams on, and I saw them standing in front of a house, just looking out at the street,  so I went to the end of the block and turned around and when I came back, they were in the same spot.

I stopped and  Bo was obviously agitated.  He put Emma into the car and said,  “I got turned around.  Guess I passed our street.”

“It’s OK,”  I said.  “We’re all fine.”

Another set back.  We’ll be walking together now after dark.  I’ve been so pleased that he could walk Emma, that I could relax, yet the possibility was  always on my mind.

Our address and phone number are on Emma’s collar.  A friend suggested that I get a GPS device for Boris.  Apparently a sheriff’s department in Virginia actually issues devices for Alzheimer’s patients and autistic children.

The ideal item would be a credit card that could be kept in his wallet, but I haven’t found one online.  So far,  there’s a watch (made in Spain ) and a pair of truly big ugly shoes with GPS in the heel.  (Which Bo would NEVER wear.)  There’s also a GPS device  called SpotLite for Emma’s collar .  It comes with a monthly usage fee and would be connected to both my computer and iPhone.   Maybe this will be the best  choice.  If anyone has any other information,  I could use it.

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4 Responses to Lost

  1. Dianne says:

    Merry Christmas Nancy, Bo, and Emma. I wish I lived nearby to give you some support. The road you’re traveling together seems to have bigger bumps and unrelenting detours. There’s an irony in your story on Christmas Eve for Bo to be looking for the lights and not knowing which way to go. But you are like his “Star of Bethlehem”, his light in the darkness. My best, Dianne

  2. Barney Hungerford says:

    Merry Christmas from Barney. I return this coming week, late, and I will try to come by. I will call first, not just stop by. A GPS would be great for Boris. Contact some assisted living places near by and ask what type they use for certain patients. Mabel, my stepmother was in Colonial Retirement Village, 455 Hurffville Crosskeys Rd, Sewell, NJ (next to Washington Township HS) and they had all levels there. She loved it there with her own apartment, all one floor, and the HS kids work part time in it. They were always very helpful for me. Sincerely Barney

  3. Mimi says:

    Dearest Nancy,
    Go to your regular email account for my message & options.
    Blessings with the Star of Bethlehem!

  4. greg says:

    Get him a MedicAlert bracelet. He can’t take it off and it has information on it that is helpful if he needs assistance. Try your county sheriff’s office and also make an appointment to go to the county office on aging. They have a lot of resources to share with you. I have done this for mom
    and it is very helpful.

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