Liberty on His Mind

Last night I was in bed trying to fall asleep when Bo asked from his side of the bed,  “Do you know anything about ….  uh…. you know ….the  Liberty products?”

“The what?”  I’m learning to buy some time while I try to understand his thoughts.

“You know, …..   insurance.”

I struggled to sift the question and decided to go along with him rather than try to straighten out his thoughts.

“Well not much yet,” I said.  I realized he was talking about his old job at Liberty.

“Who do you report to?”  he asked.

He thought I was a new hire.  Now my mind went into overdrive.  Who was Bo’s boss at Liberty?

“Les,”  I said.

He was surprised.  “Really.  Where is his office now?”

“Bala Cynwyd,”  I said because that’s the office where they had worked together.

“Who else do you work with?  Who’s …. helping … ?”  he asked.

Now I was really struggling to remember names.  I came up with one and he was surprised that’s who was helping me.

Then he said, “I have to get up early.  I have a meeting at nine.”

He re-ran this scenario another time and finally was quiet.  Ten hours later,  when he awoke,  he had no recollection of our conversation and I was his wife again.

Maybe I learned something from this.  If I had turned on the lights and tried to bring him back to the present, I probably would have only confused and upset him.

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3 Responses to Liberty on His Mind

  1. greg says:

    Re-direct and re-focus is the answer. You will learn that logic doesn’t play a role in
    their conversations. The main interest is keeping them content with short answers
    and lots of love and smiles.

  2. Barney Hungerford says:

    Greg said it all.
    I agree with his observations. You handled it great.

  3. Jože says:

    Greg and Barney said great! That is realy the best for his reality, for your calmness and for our lerarning.
    Jože / Slovenija

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