So Many Challenges

So many things are challenging for Bo now.  So many things he doesn’t seem to understand.  Yet he’s still the sweet, kind man that I know and love.

Today he was confused by autumn and the falling leaves,  by an accident that we saw near here,  by a discussion of weather.

He lost his wallet (again), forgot to shave and didn’t understand why his face was rough.  I usually can figure out where the wallet is – still in his pants pocket,  on the bathroom sink,  on the floor near his bureau.  But this time I can’t find it either; he spent such a long time being upset, looking everywhere. Finally,  I got him out with me to walk Emma to stop his stress.

But then the autumn leaves confused him.  Our yard looks manicured because of his obsession with the leaves that he spends hours each day picking up by hand, then wondering what to do with them. He doesn’t understand where the leaves are coming from.  And I need to make sure he has a trash can close by.

“I don’t remember this ever happening before,” he commented as we walked around the block with Emma dog.  (Two years ago he was asking the same question.)

I explained the four seasons to him and that soon there won’t be any leaves left on the trees.  He seemed unsure about this.  He didn’t understand that winter is coming. And as we passed the next yard covered with dry leaves, he commented again.  The most confusing thing of all for him was that the leaves are in piles in the street, and he couldn’t grasp the idea that the town wants us to do that so they can collect them.

As we neared our house, our next door neighbor mentioned that there were two storms headed this way early next week bringing high winds and flooding.  Bo usually forgets what is said, but for some reason this information stayed with him and the rest of the day he focused on it, asking me when the rain is coming, when the wind is coming, has it started raining yet?  Why isn’t there any wind yet?  It continued through dinner and dessert until he went upstairs.

Earlier, we took Emma for a ride and a two-car accident had occurred at a nearby intersection.  Bo wanted to see what happened so we stopped.  The two cars, crushed together, were surrounded with two ambulances, a fire truck and a police car, all with emergency lights on.  Bo couldn’t understand what had happened, had no logical thinking to deduce the cause. He mixed up the cars and the emergency vehicles.  Didn’t understand why they removed a woman from the one car and put her onto a stretcher.

And so it continues …. this decline.

(PS – I fixed a second wallet with outdated cards and some money so he has one while I search for the real one.)

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3 Responses to So Many Challenges

  1. maureen says:

    Glad to see you’re writing! Great idea about the additional wallet.

  2. Ruth says:

    Always await your next commentary. You have a clear, interestingly direct manner of writing that you capture the reader immediately. Thanks for sharing. Know that we are sympathizing and empathizing. Continue to pray that God gives you the strength, endurance, and patience to continually work out your daily living episodes. Cudos on thinking of the second wallet to alleviate the stress of that momentary loss. How did the “Sandy” storm affect you? I’m sure there are no leaves left on your trees now, are there?

  3. Ine says:

    Checked your blog a few times and was glad to see another “Bo” story. I hope you write more to share your experiences with us than to fill your loneliness while you sit alone on the couch at night. Just know we try to be there for you. Whenever I see Bo he tries so hard to be funny. have a conversation, and yes, be very charming. He must have been a wonderful man. He has that naughty twinkle in his eye that you must know so well. I am so glad I am getting to know him a little.
    You are amazing; you make him feel comfortable.

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