Days into Nights

The last two days may have marked another decline in Bo’s journey.  Both nights I awoke to find him dressed and wandering around downstairs, lights on,  unsure of what he was doing.

When I asked him to come upstairs,  he willingly did so, but I had to direct him to turn off each light or he would have left them on.  I had to tell him to remove his shirt and pants before getting into bed;  it took him a while and he was totally dependent upon me for the instructions.

When I got up this morning,  I found a container of chicken in the cupboard and  catfood in one of my antique cups from the corner cupboard in the living room.  He had moved a sweater that was drying on a special rack to the floor and piled boxes on top of it, and he had removed items from a drawer in the hall and left them there.

These are the strangest events of his illness yet;  I see how much more confused he is.

Yesterday he slept until 3:30,  ate a small sandwich,  took a nap,  walked the dog with me,  ate a very small meal, then went back to lie on the sofa.  So he was awake less than 5 hours total and barely ate one full meal. This is becoming a pattern.

His ability to write and find words is slipping more too.  I found a note on the kitchen counter this week that he must have tried to take when someone called (later I found out who called and what she wanted to tell me…not related to what you see below. She said he had struggled to understand her.)

Bo's Note 12/3/12

Bo’s Note 12/3/12

I do have to note that it has been gray, rainy weather, and he can’t go out to pick up leaves.  This may be contributing to his state of mind, his need to sleep.   His only joy is when Emma dog runs upstairs and leaps onto the bed with him to take a nap with his arm around her.

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3 Responses to Days into Nights

  1. says:

    Plenty of leaves @ my house if he runs out!


  2. Dianne says:

    Just hard to imagine what’s going on inside his head. Still praying and think of you daily. Hugs to all. Dianne

  3. greg says:

    LIke a light switch, he is sometimes on, in his world, and off in our world. What is confusing to us is logical to him, and him alone. Seize the moment when he is in our world and walk with him when he is in his world. We are both frustrated when the switch changes.

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