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Bo just got up after sleeping for two hours.  It’s 9:30 at night but he didn’t seem to understand the concept of dark-night;  light-day.  He wanted to know when we would eat, not remembering that he ate his dinner plus cake and two bowls of ice cream at 6:30.

So I went into the kitchen and heated him another plate of food, and while it was heating, he ate a bowl of Butterfinger ice cream.  Then he ate half of the food and said he was full.  But he didn’t go to bed until I fixed another bowl of ice cream which he ate.  Then he went back upstairs.

There have been a lot of changes in him during the past month.  First and most important is his sleeping/waking schedule.  He has been getting up in the morning, taking naps during the day,  then going to bed in early evening, generally sleeping through the night.   He wants to do more things and when I’m going someplace usually asks if he can come too.

This has made a HUGE difference in my life. It’s hard to admit, but I feel as if I’ve lost most of the freedom that I had while he slept.  I now feel like an “entertainer”  (or a tour guide.)  I spend hours each day driving him and Emma dog around for something to do.  I do get a lot of errands run  — how many can you do?  He usually wants to go into the stores with me, or if he stays in the car,  he gets quite restless.  He walks the dog twice with me some days.

Here at the house,  I get very little done because he is constantly calling to me, asking questions (what are you doing?  what should I do with this?  where do I put this?  will you call ..?…  to tell him ….?.., and so on.)  He is like a four-year-old who constantly asks questions and needs directions. And my heart breaks for him because there is absolutely nothing for him to do.  He can’t read,  watch TV,  do any hobbies.  He’s tired, bored and confused.  It’s not a life.

I am very lucky because the young man next door is living at home this winter/spring.  I have hired him to come to the house so I can teach my college classes and do a few things.  Bo doesn’t understand and can’t remember that he comes to the house “to do his homework” (he’s finishing up his doctoral dissertation.)  He won’t go to bed because he seems to feel that he should be a good host so when I return,  I find him up still.  But J___’s help has allowed me to go to a couple of concerts, a dinner party,  and to teach my classes on Monday evenings without worrying about what’s happening at home.

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3 Responses to Changes

  1. greg says:

    It is what you have to do. Good option to have the man next door. Better for you because if you have no energy in reserve you can’t perform to your ability. Remember to re-direct and re-focus as much as you can to satisfy Boris for his immediate wants. He has his world and you have yours. We also have a 91 year old toddler who is needy.

  2. mary anne says:

    Please hire the man next door as much as you can.

  3. Ine says:

    Good for you! Keep yourself emotionally strong.

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