The Kindest Words

I’m sitting at the kitchen table with Bo, watching him in misery. He’s trying to eat cereal and coffee but he can’t focus…puts his head down and stops eating. I try to bring him back to task.  He takes a deep breath and holds his forehead.

“I’m buzzing.  I’m not in good shape,”  he says, then smiles at me and asks, “What’s up?”

I say I’m going to lunch with friends but I can stay here with him if he wishes. (Actually, our friend Michael is coming in 30 minutes to stay with him; he comes every week.)

I ran into an old friend earlier this week and when I told her about Bo’s condition, she immediately said her husband – who knew Bo  well years ago – would be happy to come over and spend time with him.

For the spouse of an Alzheimer’s patient,  these are the kindest words.  We need to know that there’s someone we can call … someone who will call us and say, “Can I come over?”…  someone to just be there with him, to talk or take a walk or maybe even hit some golf balls with him.  It’s the best gift.

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2 Responses to The Kindest Words

  1. Maureen says:

    Beautiful !!!

  2. dianne says:

    I’m glad that you have some close by friends to help you out.

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