When I brought Bo home last month,  I promised friends (and myself) that I would get help.   I had the names of recommended agencies, and several friends gave me the names of people they knew or had heard about who might help.

For some reason,  I kept waiting,  thinking the right person would come along.

Then fate (or an angel) stepped in.  I received the name of a man — a friend of a friend – who was recommended.  Last Thursday  I interviewed him  and knew I would like him to help us. He has experience working part-time for an in-home care agency. He also owns a local ice cream business.

We decided we would get together this week – he would bring his wife and children along to meet Bo and me, and then he would begin helping as we could arrange.

But things changed Thursday night when I hurt my knee and by Friday afternoon I knew I needed help.  I called John, who came Saturday afternoon and has been here several hours each day, including driving me to physical therapy, shopping, having a breakfast picnic in the park with Bo and Emma, doing laundry, helping Bo, and generally doing whatever needs to be done while I sit on the sofa with ice on my knee and hobble around on crutches.

He’s wonderful with Bo – even  has put himself “on call” if I need him while he’s gone.  Fortunately, his home and business are just 15 minutes away.  On Tuesday his wife and two young children came for dinner – pooling our leftovers and enjoying a picnic on the patio together.

I can’t believe how lucky we are.  What would I be doing this week if I hadn’t met John last week?

Jimmy (next door) continues to help too, but his schedule is limited. He walks Emma,  drove me to teach my class on Monday (took Bo and Emma too so they walked the campus) and will  take me again this coming Monday.

And my friends – oh, my friends.  There is no way to describe how wonderful they are – how wonderful they have been for the last 6 years,  supporting me in every way.  I really have so much to be thankful for.  I think it is through times like this that we learn how wonderful people can be.  We learn who is there with us and who isn’t.  And we have to be prepared to accept the ones who disappear or quit emailing, even when it hurts.

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9 Responses to HELP

  1. charlotte guarino says:

    Thank goodness, Nancy. John truly sounds like an “angel”. This is the help you’ve needed for a long, long time. It’s ashame you had to injure your knee to realize it. Hope you’re knee is improving.

  2. Annamarie says:

    Thinking of you often–wishing I were closer to be there more for you. You are such a wonderful friend to so many of us that ate blessed to have you in our lives. I’m so glad you found a great helper. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  3. Pauline Koch says:

    How good that you found John, who surely is a gem! Take care of your self and I hope that you heal quickly!

  4. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    I’m so relieved that you found someone to help! John sound like a gift sent from heaven. Hope you have speedy recovery with your knee. It’s nice that you now have interaction with a family like John’s and an ice cream place owner. I know from your blog that Bo likes ice cream. You both remain in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Maureen says:

    I love it ! Let go and let God !

  6. Sandy Kugler says:

    Wonderful !!!! So glad you found this angel

  7. thom sweeney says:

    Try not to be obvious about i, but the next time you have the opportunity, check for WINGS! WOW. Karen actually told me about him last night, and I was SO happy to hear that it seems “the cavalry finally arrived” for you! Nancy (And it couldn’t hurt a bit if you can get a discount on Mint Chocolate Chip!!)

  8. Pat says:

    A year or so I got a fortune cookie that said,”God looks after you especially”. I thought it was an unusual message for a fortune cookie. I saved it and put it in a little frame. I kind of knew this for many years, but there were times I wondered. I pass these words on to you Nancy and to Bo…… God watches after you especially.

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