Are you Warm?

It’s very cold and we’re taking a walk around the block with Emma.  Bo has on his warmest jacket,  cowboy hat and gloves.

As we’re walking, I ask him,  “Are you warm enough in that jacket?”  He doesn’t understand the question and does something with his hat.

“Is that jacket warm enough?”  I repeat.  Still no understanding.

I try a different tack:  “Do you feel any cold air under your jacket?”  He replies with an answer that still shows he doesn’t understand the concept.

“Are your arms warm enough?” I touch his arm to help.  No reply.

I give up and try to think of a different question.  He says,  “It sure is cold out here.  I’m going home.”

I notice this afternoon that he’s shuffling his feet.  I hear them as I walk ahead of  him with Emma. I remind him to stand up straight and lift up his feet.  Just before we turn up our driveway,  he trips and nearly falls but maintains his balance as he lurches forward.  I  feel lucky once again that he isn’t hurt.

For several weeks now a physical therapist has visited our home to work with Bo, helping to strengthen his legs and maintain good balance.  It began when he nearly fell several times as his leg gave out beneath him.  X-rays and an MRI showed a pinched nerve in his back and the physical therapy was recommended.  No doubt all that bending for hours at a time to pick up leaves contributed to it.

Bo enjoys the time with the therapist who remarks each visit how amazingly strong and fit Bo really is despite this back issue. I guess it’s all the exercise he got over the years – the tennis,  skiing,  walking, golf and health club.

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4 Responses to Are you Warm?

  1. Dianne says:

    Being strong takes on a different meaning depending upon our stage of life….you are strong Nancy. With love to you both at this special holiday season.

  2. Greg says:

    I am glad that you are walking tall for both of you.

  3. I guess its the loving and care that you dedicate to him that keeps Bo. Love is all!! God bless you both.

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