Something to Do


I came home yesterday from taking the two children for NancyCamp (more later), walked through the garage, and my heart melted. I nearly cried because when I left, Bo was beginning what would no doubt  be another bad day — confused,  bored, exhausted.  But instead,  he was helping Jon to re-pot some flowers for the backyard. Jon had to repeat his instructions two or three times for each step,  but he has  the kind of patience that I no longer have, and Bo was doing something useful.  I watched him “tamp down the soil around the plant,” as Jon instructed.

It is the purposeless life that makes it so hard for him, especially when we are alone because I don’t know what to do next to entertain him, but Jon is so good at caring for him.   He does most things now with Bo — gets him up and puts him to bed,  oversees his showers,  makes his meals.  Jon’s a good cook and we share the responsibility for dinners,  but he also does Bo’s lunches and snacks and makes sure Bo has enough liquids.

Recently, Jon has been working much longer days while I’ve had the chance to go out — with the kids, with friends (a televised opera last night), or just to take Emma for a ride and run errands.  I look at my life now and realize that there is no way that I could be doing this summer what I did last summer.  I was really reaching rock bottom when I found his help.

Today is another NancyCamp so the kids and I are heading out about 11.  Last week we went to the Museum of Art to sketch VanGoth’s Sunflowers and to learn about armor and arms (and make a silver paper helmet.)  Today we will start at the Barnes Museum in Philadelphia to choose and take a photo of our favorite Renoir or Cezanne or maybe some African art.  We’ll have lunch, then come back for our bathing suits and head to the pool till 7 pm.  Tomorrow there’s a play in the morning AND a play in the evening.

Last week we combined a trip to the Bugseum with lunch on the beach followed by the pool.  The highlight of the day was petting Rosie the tarantula.


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6 Responses to Something to Do

  1. Maureen says:

    I love this! What a blessing for you and Bo. What a blessing for Jon and his family to know the two of you!!!

  2. dianne says:

    Wow…..Sounds like it is a win win situation for everyone…..So glad God’s plan is manifesting itself in so many positive directions…..

  3. charlotte guarino says:

    Wow!!!! I don’t know who got luckier…you or the kids. How nice that you found each other. Enjoy the rest of NancyCamp.

  4. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    I am so thrilled that You both have Jon and his family. Love reading about camp Nancy. If you haven”t been to the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton Twp, check out web site. I think the kids would enjoy and you too!!!(

  5. kategresham says:

    You write so well about something that must continue to be heartbreaking. How wonderful that you have found Jon.

  6. Lisa M says:

    I am so happy for you – I can feel your freedom and joy jumping right off the computer screen! The kids and I are off for our first swim day of the summer tomorrow and we are all a bit giddy!

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