“I do everything around here”

(I wrote this blog a year ago but never posted it.  Things have changed drastically in one year. Now Bo wouldn’t even say the words, couldn’t put the idea together,  can’t do anything anymore. He can’t.)

It was a long, busy day. I was up early and had a lot of things to do – both at home and errands out of the house. Lifting, moving, cleaning, grocer shopping , going up and down the stairs, walking the dog, …..

Boris had his usual kind of day, sleeping late, picking things up in the yard, tired, resting …. again and again, all that he is able to do. But as he was washing his hands for dinner, he said the words that really got to me:

“I have to do everything around here, and you do nothing.”

Seriously, nothing?

Worst thing is that I couldn’t even fight back or explain because he wouldn’t get it. I had that feeling of unfairness. I wanted him to feel sorry for me. To get it. But he can’t and I have to keep smiling.   I mean, he really thinks he does everything.

At the time, I was so frustrated, but as I was telling the story to friends at dinner later,  it was quite funny. We all laughed about it.

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1 Response to “I do everything around here”

  1. Lisa M says:

    That’s why I write – the frustration in the moment, the lack of gratitude, the assumption that we are the help (and not very good at it)…when I tell the story to friends or put it down in words…the humor surfaces and it is quite funny. Like I always say, Laughter is my new tequila! Blessings to you!

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