Looking Better – Day 5

Here we are – five full days in the hospital.

Now I’m waiting for Bo to be picked up for a colonoscopy, the last test, I hope, to check his insides and find out what was causing his pain. The kidney stone may not have been the cause although it’s apparently still there, but if nothing bad is found, there’s a chance he might go home tomorrow.

The doctor was just here and commented that Bo looks a lot better today, and he does. Bo was joking with the doctor about how well he’s dressed and if his shoes were polished, shook his hand and wished him well. Bo has been very communicative today, talking and getting up to do what is necessary. He knows me and asked what we’re going to do now. He’s been improving since all of the treatments to empty his insides —  must have lost 10 pounds.

I left here at 3 am last night when Jon took the shift until I returned at noon; during that time he gave Bo two showers and kept him in good shape. The nursing staff loves Jon because he does all that they would have to do… and more. I’m not such a good nurse, but I know the staff is very relieved because we’re here with Bo constantly. I expect Jon back   about 8 pm.

The reclining chair in this room is Chinese torture; sleeping on it is out of the question, no matter how I curl up, stretch out, hang over the side with a pillow. And if I do nod off for a moment, something wakes me up – Bo moving, bells, people in the hall, alarms, the man in the next bed. I’m convinced a hospital could kill you.


 Meanwhile at home, NancyCamp is postponed. Our last activity was last Thursday evening when we went to our second picnic at the Mann Center with the Philadelphia Orchestra playing the score to” Star Trek – Into the Darkness” (music composed by a local man) with the film on the big screen. The kids loved it and although I’m no Trekkie, I enjoyed it too! I’m hoping that we can get back to our other activities next week.


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1 Response to Looking Better – Day 5

  1. Anya says:

    I am glad that Boris had a better day and you are going home soon. Please call me, I am afraid to call you and wake you up because you might me sleeping from the restless night

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