Hospital Purgatory – PS

I’ve never written a “PS” to a blog before, but I want to add this to my previous post:

When she heard my story, Bo’s day nurse took action and called the cafeteria for a new breakfast tray.  He is awake and finishing a huge breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs with juice.  All is not bad.

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3 Responses to Hospital Purgatory – PS

  1. Lisa M says:

    You are sweet to leave the PS – but I think everyone who has ever had a loved one – especially one with some form of dementia – knows exactly what you mean and that it isn’t ALL bad. We have had some wonderful nurses, therapists and CNAs, we have had wonderful and horrible doctors. But we have also had some staff that are just awful They don’t care. The do the least amount possible. They aren’t gentle or patient… The sad part is the absolute need to be there round the clock. The danger is too great when there will always be 10% of so of the hospital staff who don’t care. Who don’t follow the rules or follow them just to spite you. And your loved one can’t tell you what did or didn’t happen, so you have to stay. And you get to see it all…but at least you are there to fight for your family, to advocate and protect them….and get them a breakfast tray when they are READY for their breakfast! Good for you!!!

  2. MZ Becker says:

    I agree. My husband not only has Alzheimer’s but is quite deaf. I cannot imagine how he could possibly live alone, much less go to a hospital without an advocate. “In sickness and in health…”, we’ll be married 28 years on August 16th, then he’s off to the hospital for a lumpectomy on the 25th. Think anyone on his side of the family is being helpful or asking how they can support me? That would be NO. He currently attends an Adult Day Care and everyone there deserves a direct ride to Heaven when it’s their time. Don’t know if you already do this, but I find a Spousal Caregiver Support Group immensely helpful, held at the same place he attends the ADC. Hang in there!

  3. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    I was fit to be tied when I read your previous blog. I know there are some nurses out there who just do the job without concern for the patient but the food bit is over the hill. What hospital is this?I remember keeping Bob’s tray all day. Anyway, glad you were there to speak up and had a compassionate nurse. Hang in there!!!!

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