On the Brighter Side – NancyCamp

School begins in ten days and we still have NancyCamp activities left to do.  Bo’s ordeal with this kidney stone has slowed us — but not stopped us.  Last week we did three activities: a boat tour of Philadelphia, an evening in Ocean City, and a visit to the “real” Japanese teahouse and gardens in Fairmount Park.


The boat tour was a complete surprise to me.  Philly area friends might like to consider it because it’s wonderful, a small boat trip down the Schuylkill River and up the Delaware, from the Museum to Penns Landing. (They have a night lights tour too.)  The kids enjoyed every part of our afternoon tour, beginning with a taxi ride, which they’d never taken, then cruising lazily along for two hours.  The donuts that the captain served were an added bonus.  After the cruise, they swung in hammocks at Penns Landing before we drove home.

Ocean City 2014MG_1001 IMG_1008

The next evening we drove to Ocean City to walk on the boardwalk,  have pizza and pretzel dogs and go on the rides at Gillian’s Pier.

Japanese Teahouse Fairmount Park

Japanese Teahouse
Fairmount Park

On Friday between my stays at the hospital, we visited the Japanese teahouse and garden in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park.  I think Justin liked the snake the most; Victoria loved the gardens and wanted to stay there to relax.  There was a major ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) exhibit which we enjoyed too.  After feeding the brilliant coy in the pond, we headed back home.

Teahouse Snake

Teahouse Snake



On the way home I said to the kids that I’ll be sad when they go back to school because I won’t have anyone to play with.  It’s true.  I hate to see NancyCamp end.  (But we’re not finished yet!)


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6 Responses to On the Brighter Side – NancyCamp

  1. Meredith says:

    Lovely blog & photos. Memories being stored.

  2. charlotte guarino says:

    This is a summer they will never forget. How wonderful for all of you.

  3. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    How awesome for you and the kids! Such memories made. Well they may be going back to school but there are weekends!!! I am sure you will develop Winter at Camp Nancy.

  4. dianne says:

    Like a rainbow after the rain……..

  5. Paula Kaye says:

    What a wonderful way to create memories! Hope Bo is better soon!

  6. Pauline Koch says:

    What wonderful experiences you are giving the children and having such fun with them! I haven’t done a boat tour or the Japanese tea garden but want to! Hopefully Bo will be home soon!

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