Goodbye, Kidney Stone

It happened late this afternoon. Doctors removed the kidney stone and reported blockage, swelling and infection. Not surprised.

Now, four hours later, Bo’s in his room, has eaten his dinner and is wide awake. I don’t know what is coming, but so far he hasn’t shown the extreme agitation I was expecting from the general anesthesia; hasn’t shown an increase in confusion either. Yet.

I’m with him until midnight when Jon will come so I can get some sleep at night. Turns out I can’t sleep during the day so I haven’t slept, other than mini- naps, for two days. I was here all of last night and every time I even nodded off, I was awakened by Bo standing beside me attached to his IV, confused, and searching for the bathroom. It happened almost every hour. I don’t know how he managed to get up so quickly, or was I just so exhausted that I didn’t hear him?

Last night was the first night that I was so tired I couldn’t even focus on my computer, didn’t start a blog, didn’t work on the syllabus for my fall classes. Didn’t even write emails.

It’s such a relief to know that after we get through this week (probably two more days in the hospital then a trip to the urologist) he will have relief and we aren’t facing another week in the hospital. I’ve learned so much here that I feel as if I’ve been interning. My life out of here is surreal and I’ve lost all track of time. Day of the week? Don’t know. Date? Don’t know. Time? Not sure, but it’s still daylight … or is it early morning?

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10 Responses to Goodbye, Kidney Stone

  1. Thank God the procedure is over. Hang in there. You are doing great. You will want to sleep for a week.

  2. Maureen says:

    Thank God it’s finally done!

  3. MCI Alice says:

    Get some rest. You need your health, especially now. Thinking of you.

  4. Pauline Koch says:

    Hopefully you can get a little rest now, Nancy! Best wishes for Bo to heal quickly!

  5. Marko says:

    That’s great news, Aunt Nancy. I hope you and Uncle Bo get some much needed rest.

  6. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    Yeah! Progress finally. Now you need to get some rest. After Bob’s jaunts to hospital I felt like I could take the nursing test so I know what you mean.

  7. kategresham says:

    I am so glad for all of you! May you all rest and recover.

  8. dementedgirl says:

    Wishing you and Bo well on the road to recovery!

  9. Best to you and your husband as he continues to recover. Praying for you to be able to sleep well.

  10. Pamela Fisk says:

    Oh, Nancy! So much has gone on and I’ve only been away for a week! Please give me a call when ( should I say if) you have a minute. Get some sleep!
    Love from us both,


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