Not Another Day Here!

We’re still here in the hospital – 6 days now – and I’m hoping that soon we’ll go home. Bo has to “pass the test” and then he’ll be paroled. He still has the horrible kidney spasms. The urologist’s response was   “That can happen.”

I can’t believe how many tests he’s had – CT Scans, x-rays, ultrasounds. Two yesterday, and another x-ray series today. He will glow in the dark.

Because of his sweet personality, Bo’s willing to go through all of these things with a smile. Well, except yesterday’s ultrasound which really annoyed him because he was having a particularly bad alzheimer’s day and just wanted to sleep. Today, he’s awake, sat in the chair, walked to the stretcher, and looks so much better.

Could he possibly leave this afternoon? Probably not. I’m hoping for tomorrow.  So many different doctors, residents, urologists, gastroenterologists,  just keep coming, checking,  never more than 5 minus, and leave.  I can’t keep them straight and I’m not sure who has the final say.

I’ve been here for 13 hours – sort of slept in this chair – and I’m ready for some fresh air and time with Emma dog. It’s the last days before school starts and I’d like to do something with the kids too, maybe a last NancyCamp activity tomorrow. Maybe.

(Lisa at mysweetpeanut hosts One Word Wednesday.This week’s word:  willing.)






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6 Responses to Not Another Day Here!

  1. Ine says:

    Hope you are home soon

  2. Deb says:

    Loving thoughts and prayers to you, Bo, and Jon and his family too. You’re in my thoughts each day. I hope that you and Bo go home soon and that Bo’s spasms go away quickly!

  3. OMG….I thought for sure you would be home.

  4. Paula Kaye says:

    You have the right to demand they send you home. I cannot imagine why they are keeping him.

  5. MCI Alice says:

    Have my fingers crossed for you…don’t know how you’re managing. I just spent today in the ER with my mother and it exhausted me. And that was just one day….

  6. Pauline Koch says:

    Oh my, Nancy! Hope tomorrow Bo will be discharged. Take care.

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