Home Again … Again

Bo came home again today, after his third hospitalization in five weeks.  This time he only stayed two days.  He was diagnosed and treated for a blood clot on his lung, apparently a result of his other hospital stays and/or the kidney stone surgery.

I had no idea how much pain is involved with a blood clot.  We couldn’t touch his back or side without hurting him.  He couldn’t move,  get up or lie down without extreme pain.  And he couldn’t tell us what was happening.

Now he’s here on his bed, taking pain pills and something to try to dissolve the clot (at least I think that’s what the new medicine is for) and he’s weaker than he was two days ago.  And thinner.  He is 20 pounds under his normal weight.

This afternoon after he walked to the bathroom and back, I got him to eat 4 spoons of soup and a small container of apple sauce.  Then he fell asleep again.  I’ve spent the afternoon sitting nearby doing  work for my first fall class tomorrow.  I got to come home and sleep last night, so Jon is catching up on his sleep now.

What will happen next?

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10 Responses to Home Again … Again

  1. MCI Alice says:

    My heart goes out to you during this difficult time. Memory issues and Alzheimer’s seem beside the point when you are facing this much pain and illness. Amazed at your strength, as usual.

  2. Arleen Mildred Stolzenberger says:

    Ah gee don’t know what to say! I guess they gave him blood thinners. So wish he would become pain free. Fortunately Ypu have class work to keep your mind busy. Hang in there!

  3. gr8mommom says:

    Nancy, I hope this will be the last time that Boris has to go to the hospital. He has had too much but I am very glad this was correctly diagnosed. Thinking of you! Jo Ann

  4. Mary Smith says:

    So glad to hear Bo is home again. Let’s hope he is able to stay put and build up some strength – keep up with the soup. We’ve been told not to worry about ‘healthy’ eating and let dad eat whatever he fancies even if it is calorie laden and full of fat. Trouble is he can’t tell us what he fancies so it is trial and error. I hope the pain pills do their work – and I hope you get to catch up on your sleep.

  5. Annamarie says:

    My heart goes out to you and to Bo. Sending a big hug. God Bless you.

  6. Paula Kaye says:

    I know what you are going through. It is so very hard to see a loved one suffer. Prayers for both of you. And a huge hug for the caregiver!

  7. Keeping my fingers crossed that this hospitalization is the last.

  8. Pamela Fisk says:

    Love and hugs

  9. dementedgirl says:

    Oh my God Alzheimer’s Wife! It seems so never-ending for you at the moment… How you’re still standing I really don’t know, but can only imagine you must be stressed out beyond belief…

    Sending you a virtual hug from afar….

  10. Thank you …. i’m doing better now that he’s home, but my next blog will be about how much he has declined as a rest of all of this.

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