A Winter Less Bleak

On her blog, Carole Knits posts a weekly “Ten on Tuesday.”  This week’s topic is “Things to do to make my winter less bleak … ”  

I don’t need to post ten things, although I could surely think of ten, but one thing has happened that changes everything for me this week.  I am in Florida.

Yes, I said Florida.  Jon (Bo’s caregiver)  insisted that I get away from home to get some sleep and relaxation, and when I was making the flight reservations, he hovered over me, insisting that I go for a week, not the 2-3 days I was planning.  So I “compromised” and am here for six days.

I was sick all last week,  no voice,  sore throat, raging sinus headache …. you know,  feeling terrible in general. I couldn’t wait to sleep without interruption,  to swim,  to read and relax.  I was here two days and already I felt better.

It was hard to leave Jon doing 24-hour caregiving.   I know I couldn’t do it, but Jon insisted he could;  Adriana (his wife) will help.   I tried to convince him to let me call in another caregiver to relieve him, but he said no.  He was so enthusiastic for me to get a break, so happy for me.  He even stayed up the night before I left at 4 am  (for the Atlantic City airport) so he could awaken me at 3:30 am and put my suitcase into the car.  Then he would begin his demanding week.

When I called last evening, Jon told me that Bo hadn’t asked for me, but he had been somewhat resistant a couple of times.  This morning Adriana told me he was asking for me, then called her “Nancy.”  One time he had refused to lie on the sofa but sat on a chair in the living room instead, so Jon played the  piano beside him.  Soon  Bo was crying, tears running down his face.  When Jon asked him what was wrong,  he said he didn’t know.   It was so sad.

And then Jon said to me:  “I’m OK. I don’t want you to worry about things here.  We’ll be fine.  Don’t call because you’ll be thinking of us instead of enjoying yourself.  Just relax.”

So I’m taking his advice. I am getting full nights of uninterrupted sleep, and  I start my days with a swim in my friend’s pool and some time in the jacuzzi,  then a loooooooong shower and  a big breakfast overlooking the inner coastal waterway.  This is heaven!







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9 Responses to A Winter Less Bleak

  1. frangipani says:

    You deserve this break! Enjoy.

  2. Paula Kaye says:

    That sounds like pure Heaven to me! You are very fortunate to have such a good caregiver helping you with Bo.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Enjoy – you deserve this. Make the most of it.

  4. Joan K says:

    I hope you enjoy every minute!

  5. Arleen Stolzenberger says:

    So happy for you. You deserve a break. Soak up the sun and heat!

  6. Annamarie says:

    Nancy, So happy for you to have this relaxing escape. Enjoy every minute!

  7. Maureen says:

    Good for you!!! Just relax!

  8. Charlotte Guarino says:

    You certainly deserve this long overdue vacation. Now, I guess, it’s John’s turn. Safe trip back.

  9. Scarlett79 says:

    This is exactly how to deal with the stuff in your life that everyone has. I went away for Christmas and the New Year’s Holiday and spent it with our boys out east. Life has been hard ever since my daughter took my granddaughter away from us and went to live with the, “Baby Daddy” who is a real creepy guy. A convicted felon who is just using her. I haven’t seen my granddaughter since July 7, 2014. I cry a lot but my husband gets me through it. That is why you haven’t seen me on the blog for awhile. I just didn’t feel like writing or sharing. ❤

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