On The Way Home

And so after an absolutely fabulous week, I’m on a Spirit airplane, headed back to a raging rain and ice storm and a 45-minute ride on a potentially slippery highway toward home.

I’ve been in touch with the family throughout my 6 days away, and today I got the feeling that Jon is reaching the end of his caregiver rope. I told him that I don’t want to come home, that “I will send money and see him in summer.”

His reply was, “I don’t think you have enough money!”

One good thing is that Bo hasn’t been asking for me all the time or asking to go “home.”  Apparently he has been quite calm all week, but he did try to pull my plants out of their pots.  I suppose he thought they were weeds in the living room. Adriana sent me a pictures of Bo sleeping on the sofa with Emma beside him and of him on the floor petting Emma. Good pals.   Apparently poor Emma’s not happy today  because of the weather – refused to go out last night or this morning; she has an amazing bladder.

Jon reported that he has had 18 hours of sleep since I left. That’s not a lot of sleep. Adriana took two nights for him, and 12-year-old Victoria did day duty on Saturday. (That translates to listening or watching for Bo to get up then go get her father.) Justin helped too.  And so everyone has had a part in making my week possible.

I feel rested and refreshed after another wonderfully relaxing day and  I’m ready to go home to do my caregiving.

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8 Responses to On The Way Home

  1. dianne says:

    Safe home Nancy…..Send Jon here for his hiatus…..I am a good caregiver……Love, Dianne

  2. Mary Smith says:

    I hope the benefits of your break stay with you for a while.

  3. Cheryl Simone says:

    I am so glad you were able to have a nice vacation and rejuvenated yourself for what is to come when you take over again at home. My positive thoughts and prayers are sent your way.

  4. boomer98053 says:

    The caregiving journey can be a treacherous one, in more ways than one.

  5. Pauline Koch says:

    So glad you were able to get away for a respite!

  6. Carolyn says:

    So glad for your time away. Pulling out the plants reminds me of my husband
    seeing a decorative dish in the living room which contained my new digital camera
    and thinking “dishes belong in the sink” – that’s where I found the camera floating in water.
    What a journey it is!

  7. Paula Kaye says:

    I am happy you are going home refreshed. I have started reading your blog from the beginning. Quite an ordeal you have gone through my friend! God blesses you

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