My Sense of Humor

I’m trying to keep my sense of humor.

Bo’s brother called this morning and after I told him a few of the things that are happening at home, he said “Thank you” to both Jon and me for taking good care of his brother through some very rough times.

My response was, “Well, after all of these years with Bo,  he’s teaching me to have a sense of humor about a lot of things that would have really gotten to me in the past.”

Things like:

Two days ago, I made him a good lunch — fresh sliced chicken sandwich, pickles, chips, ginger ale.  I set it in front of him and turned to the sink to pick up something, and as I looked back, he was pouring his ginger ale all over the sandwich.  I grabbed it, threw the soggy bread into the sink, and re-made the sandwich. ( I am proud to say that I didn’t say what I was thinking. Not that time.)

He picked up the tray of jigsaw puzzle pieces we were putting into our”Paris” puzzle and just tilted it onto the floor.  (What was I thinking having it on the table?)

Instead of eating his coffee ice cream with chocolate sauce,  he just stirred and stirred it, obviously not understanding what I meant when I said to eat it.  When I hand-fed a spoonful to him, he liked it, but then he went back to stirring.  And stirring.

For days now, he hasn’t been able to sit still. And he has become strangely conversational.  He will try to have a long conversation with me — actually an explanation that he’s trying to make — but it makes no sense.  I try to respond sensibly, but it’s very hard.  Often it seems to be about some problem someone is having or something that needs to be done, something that involves multiple steps.  He becomes frustrated when I don’t understand.


Oh, No!

Oh, No!

But the topper:

Last evening I was sitting with him at the kitchen table — my lap top in front of me — while he ate ice cream.  Again, I turned my back to grab something, and as I turned back, he had already poured his water on my keyboard.  What I think he actually did was lay the napkin on the keyboard and pour his water over it.  Whatever he did …. I drove through the snow and am now typing this blog on a computer at the Apple store awaiting my turn at the genius bar for repairs.


Well, the genius just told me that any damage to my keyboard is permanent.  I might try using an external keyboard, or if mine needs to be repaired, it goes to factory and the bill will be $1290.00.  Or a new computer for $1500-2000.  NOW my sense of humor is being taxed!

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8 Responses to My Sense of Humor

  1. MCI Alice says:

    I admit I am laughing a little, not at but with…..

  2. Annamarie says:

    Oh, no! So sorry about your laptop. 😣
    And, please be careful driving in the snow.

  3. Mary Smith says:

    Never had a ruined laptop but the ginger ale scenario is very familiar. Dad poured juice over meat and potatoes or stuffed sandwiches into the glass of juice. Sometimes, it appeared to be done very, very deliberately. And the ice-cream stirring happened a lot, too, even though he loved ice-cream. It was just as though a switch had been turned to off and he couldn’t remember how to move spoon to mouth. Keep hold of your sense of humour, Nancy.

  4. Paula Kaye says:

    I am so sorry about your computer. I hope you can maintain your sense of humor. Mine was very taxed by the time Richard passed but I can still smile at the memories of some of those incidents. Sending you a hug!!

  5. boomer98053 says:

    Thank you for providing all of those examples where your sense of humor was challenged. It sounds to me as though you truly realize that it’s the disease that’s behaving in those ways, not Bo. Congratulations to you and many blessings to you as well.

  6. Thank you for your kindness.

  7. Maureen says:

    Wow it’s too funny and sad at the same time. I really enjoy your writing!

  8. Carole G. says:

    Oops!!!!!!!!! Remember your sense of humor!!

    Carole G.

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