Aces, Kings and Queens

I haven’t written a blog for a month, mainly because nothing big has happened.  As our Hospice nurse said,  it’s a plateau.  If anything,  Bo has been better ….  up earlier,  awake longer,  eating three meals,  sleeping better.

But there are little things that we notice, changes that illustrate his decline.

One afternoon two weeks ago, for example,   I gave Bo two mixed up decks of cards and asked him to “help me”  by arranging them in piles.  It took a long time, but there were piles of  cards — aces on aces, tens on tens, jacks — a job well done.

P1030404Yesterday I gave him the same job to do, but  this time after an hour at the kitchen table, he couldn’t do it.  He was so confused that I wasn’t even sure what he had tried to do.   It was as if he couldn’t tell the difference between the cards …. Did an Ace look like a ten?  A Queen like a jack?  When I tried to help him,  it was obvious that he couldn’t understand, so I removed the cards and took him into the family room to sit.


We’re also noticing that he has more language problems.  Today at lunch he couldn’t form words, just spoke a sort-of gibberish.  Jon commented that his eyes seemed to be less focused, a blank look.

And the sundowning continues, filling many evenings with anxiety.

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3 Responses to Aces, Kings and Queens

  1. Mary Smith says:

    We played simple card games with dad until he could no longer understand what to do. He used to play Bridge every week and now could no longer play the simplest of games. He couldn’t sort the card into suits but he loved playing with the cards: shuffling them, putting them into little piles, shufflign them all together again so we always left a pack of cards beside him. Some days he’d ignore them but some days he’d pick them up and spend ages ‘working’ with them. As long as he was left in peace with them he seemed happy and busy. Maybe Bo would enjoy handling the cards as long as he isn’t being asked to do something.

  2. Joan K says:

    The above idea might be similar to the fidget objects we have at school. There are many online. Maybe one or more would appeal to Bo. Thinking of you often.

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