Daffodils in my Orange Juice


It happened last Sunday.  Bo was quite confused and quiet, but he was at the kitchen table eating his lunch, partly with his fork and partly with his hands.  The vase of daffodils was in the center of the table. I knew I should move them away, but I didn’t.

As Bo ate, I turned away from the table briefly to get something from the counter, and by the time I looked back,  he had put half of the daffodils into his glass of orange juice and most of the others were piled atop his uneaten omelette.

My immediate response (although I know better)  was to grab the flowers and say, “What are you doing?  Why would you do that?”

His response:  “I don’t know.”

I don’t know.  These words say it all.  He is confused, he doesn’t see things clearly,  he doesn’t understand many of the words or sentences he hears.  He doesn’t know what a flower is or even where he is much of the time, perhaps all the time.  He is lost in his world — how frightening it must be for him.

(Note – He is doing better now; has “recovered” from the infection he had two weeks ago, so he can walk with help and is much more active again.)

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5 Responses to Daffodils in my Orange Juice

  1. I understand the pain as well…. reblogging it on https://santoshnc.wordpress.com/

  2. Jo Ann Rodgers Kohler says:

    When my mother was in the beginning stages of dementia, I was so very frustrated because she didn’t seem to be trying to work with me to help keep her in her own home ~ I aired my feelings to her doctor with “And I know she can’t help it”! He, in turn, said very firmly ~ “Stop! What did you just say”? And I repeated, “She can’t help it”. From that moment on, my view and perspective changed ~ as difficult as it was for me. You continue to be an inspiration and guiding light for all of us ~ thank you Nancy.

  3. Arleen Stolzenberger says:

    Adding a sign of spring to your table is a reminder of all good things. Bo may not recognize flowers but I’m sure the colors are stimulating. Our prayers to you, Bo and Jon’s family.

  4. Mimi Glaes says:

    Dear Nancy, This is a beautiful and meaningful blog…Daffodils in my Orange Juice…..so colorful and true, too. You are an inspiration and I hope one day you will publish your blogs in a memoir. Blessings! Mimi

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