Three Days Alone

While Jon and his family were on their trip,  I had a part-time caregiver, a wonderful woman who is kind and efficient.  But she wasn’t here every day so I was alone with Bo for three days…in a row.    Three days over the Fourth of July weekend.

Those three days emphasized, once again,  what caregiving 24-hours a day means:  Always on watch.

Luckily,  I now have a baby monitor so I can watch him from downstairs while he’s still sleeping upstairs.  I can sit on the patio or do yard work by keeping the monitor with me.  But I can’t take the dog for walks or drives, go to Starbucks,  shop for a few groceries, or run to the bank. Can’t take a nap.

I need to be there when he gets out of bed , walks from room to room,  goes to the bathroom.  (He fell out of bed last week.)  I fix his meals and sometimes have to feed him or  even awaken him if he falls asleep over his plate.    I shower and dress him,  make sure he gets his pills and enough liquids, and usually hold his hand to aid balance when he walks. Most of all, he doesn’t feel alone when I’m with him.

Jon’s better at giving him a shower; I end up completely wet and have to clean up the  bathroom then change my own clothes and wash all the towels after dressing him.

Entertainment is, for me, the biggest  issue.  How can I add some interest to Bo’s otherwise uneventful, sleep-filled life?  He can’t watch TV or read books or even have a conversation,  but he does  enjoy car rides.  Today I drove for 2 1/2 hours with Johnny Cash, Beethoven and Madonna. Bo liked it.   Emma dog liked it.

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7 Responses to Three Days Alone

  1. Scarlett79 says:

    Bless you. You are truly an angel ❤

  2. MCI Alice says:

    I have to ask, how do you entertain yourself? How do you find the time, let alone energy, to write your blogs, to carry on your own life? You are so incredibly selfless

  3. No, not selfless. Sometimes I’m thinking the absolutely worst thoughts. But when you are helping a man who is so sweet, who expects nothing, who is so gentle … well, I HAVE to be there for him. Unfortunately, I spend far too much time with my computer and dabbling in rather useless things to pass those long hours. I watch endless hours of TV ( also useless) and, honestly, sometimes I’m just filled with ennui. But on the days I can get away I make up for it with Adult NancyCamp and with the children.

  4. Mary Smith says:

    I know where you are! Brings back memories. The moment I tried to have a shower and wash my hair dad would decide to go walkabout. He did enjoy going out in the car, especially country roads where he could see trees. he always loved trees the could remember the name sof the different kinds of trees and birds for a long time after other informaiton had disappeared.

  5. Maureen says:

    I love reading your blog!

  6. And I love that you read it, Maureen!

  7. Jabberwalky08 says:

    Thanks so much for being real about this – it’s so helpful to me, partway down this same path.

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