Knee Surgery … over!

I did it.  Had my knee replaced this past week.  I could have waited, but for what … ? For more pain and less mobility.  Last year I had arthroscopic surgery on it, but the arthritis set in and soon my knee was permanently bent.  When I walked Emma, it hurt; when I tried dancing, it hurt terribly for four or five days after.


So,  I scheduled it, and now it’s over — already a week of recovery, the worst week,  the week  living on a buffet of drugs.  One day I didn’t take them in time, and I learned — there’s a reason why I’m taking these pills.  Now I’m beginning to feel a lot better, am more mobile,  and am doing physical therapy.

Actually, my recovery was complicated by a respiratory infection I came down with right after coming home (one day after surgery.)  I had a fever and coughed and coughed,  but it is subsiding too. Friends called to tell me they would take me to the doctor today, but I may not need to go.

I actually went upstairs and slept in my own bed last night after nearly a week on the family room sofa surrounded by all of the things that make a “hospital” room. Time to clean that up.  Sleeping upstairs worked out fine.  The cat was very happy to have me back,  and this morning Emma came up to awaken me just before eight when Vern was arriving for her walk.   This meant that Jon got a good night’s sleep.  Cynthia will be here at noon today with her little dog Mattie, who deserves a whole blog just about him!

Two  friends, Pamela and Michele,  took me to Penna Hospital  for the surgery (in the city at 5 am) and stayed throughout the day until I was settled in my room. Jon had to do the long night hours with Bo at home last week, and  Cynthia came weekdays so he could sleep and she could look after me too.  Our  friend, Vern, comes every morning to walk Emma, who sits with her nose in the door now waiting for him and his morning treats. She’ll be so spoiled. My friends have all been wonderful — calling, texting, stopping by with gifts.

Bo, meanwhile, has absolutely no idea any of this happened.  One day when he walked past me (here on the family room sofa with the walker and a cane propped in front of me,) he looked questioningly and I said I had hurt my knee.  “Oh,”  he said.   Later, I think he said something to Jon that seemed to question hurting myself.  He is slowly becoming so remote that he doesn’t seem to connect every day events to anything real.  He’s weak, doesn’t eat much,  forgets he’s eating,  and sleeps on the sofa.  (Do I write this in every blog now?) Yesterday he had no idea I am his wife, but then I haven’t been with him for a week.  Does it make a difference?

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10 Responses to Knee Surgery … over!

  1. dianne says:

    Hopefully when rehabbed you will return to being “The Dancing Queen” once again….

  2. mame08 says:

    Good work getting that difficult surgery planned and executed! Its so important to make sure your own health is tended to, but so difficult in your situation. Wishing you an uneventful recovery. Perhaps Bo will warm up a bit as he sees that you are here again. Or not. All best.

  3. boomer98053 says:

    Doing something for yourself while caring for someone with Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to mean getting a pedicure and a massage. Getting your knee replaced seems to have been just the thing for you … just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Thanks for writing about this. All the regular concerns and needs of a life don’t stop just because you’re caring for someone with dementia – glad you could get this done, and hoping you have a good recovery. Take care, and keep writing!

  5. Kathe Shakespeare says:

    You are amazeg Nancy! How did you ever do all that walking with us during “Nancy Camp” I had both knees replaced–(at the same time!) You will never regret your decision! All the best–

    Kathe S.

  6. Mary Smith says:

    Well done and I hope the recovery continues and you are soon dancing again – or at the very least walking pain free. And, in answer to your last question, yes, I believe it does make a diference whether you have been away. Bo might not seem to recognise you as his wife but he will recognise the love and affecxtion and care you give him.

  7. Paula says:

    I am glad you went ahead with the surgery! And I wish you a speedy recovery! Sending you a big hug!!

  8. Ine says:

    Thinking of you. Lots of love.

  9. Scarlett79 says:

    Oh so sorry to hear that, but it will be worth it once you get re-habbed 🙂 It’s so good you have friends for your support system. Blessing to you & Bo, Jon too ❤

  10. Arleen Stolzenberger says:

    A speedy recovery to you. Bob said hi and wishes you a speedy recovery. Rehab will work wonders.The dance floor awaits you.

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