Mattie, the YorkiePoo


There’s a new visitor at our house:  Mattie, the YorkiePoo.   He comes with Cynthia, our second caregiver,  dressed in his latest outfit or  sometimes just  in his “jammies.”  He rides in his own little car seat then comes into the house in his soft side portable carrier.  Mattie’s a show all his own —  cute, funny, extremely spoiled  —  a little piece of lovable entertainment every time he visits, which is every time Cynthia cares for Boris.  So he’s here at least 2 days a week.


Mattie weighs 6 pounds; my Emma weighs 71.  Emma’s bed takes up a huge space the size of a rowboat at the end of the family room; Mattie’s bed is the size of a frying pan.  He also  has his own soft-side playpen sitting by the fireplace, plus  his own plush blanket.

Mattie has toys of every kind, all new and tidy;  Emma has a basket of ragtag stuffed animals that no longer have stuffing or shape.  I said to her the other day,  “It’s a darned shame that you live like an orphan.  No decent toys.”   The difference is, of course, that Emma gets a new toy and in 15 minutes it’s in shreds. Then she chews on the shreds.  Mattie also has various collars and leashes to match his outfits, a rain jacket and a hoodie. Emma has one collar, one leash, and a thunder shirt that she refuses to wear.


Mattie comes in the door and Emma heads for her spot on the sofa, announcing that she has the most important place here. Mattie’s  goal all day long is to get to her, to sniff her, clean her eyes, and in general bug her. Emma will  sit and let him circle around her for a while, then she gives that low growl that she would have given to her own puppies — a warning to “back off,  I’m tired of this.”  I actually think she likes him though  because sometimes she  goes to Mattie and  just sits watching  him. I think she’s curious … and dismayed.

IMG_2262Mattie’s favorite spot is in Cynthia’s arm. She picks him up, cuddles him and he falls asleep, his little head nodding.  If Cynthia leaves the room, Mattie cries and barks until she returns. Emma watches this with one eye open, and I  wonder what she’s thinking.  Something like, ” Is this noisy little guy really a dog?”

IMG_2244 IMG_2321 IMG_2361

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8 Responses to Mattie, the YorkiePoo

  1. Mary Smith says:

    Oh, this made me laugh, Nancy. Love the picture of Mattie int he lbue coat with his paws turned just so – very catwalk! I can just picture Emma’s confusion and dismay! What does Bo make of Mattie?

  2. charlotte guarino says:

    Always something interesting going on in your household. I know, first hand, Mattie is darling.,

  3. Scarlett79 says:

    So sweet. They are a gift from God ❤

  4. eva broz says:

    Hi Nancy,

    It’s heart warming to see that a happy, relaxing event has come your way, even though it’s only two days a week. A couple of weeks down the road and the hounds will be good buddies snuggling up together.

    How is Charlie taking to YorkiePoo. YorkiePoo is definitely a “Chic” name!

    Big hug, Vlad

    Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2015 17:52:24 +0000 To:

  5. Carole G. says:

    Your Dad would have loved this story. Sit down and write a children’s book about Emma and Mattie. Hope all is well as can be. Love.

  6. Marko says:

    Aunt Nancy,
    I can’t let Tammy and the kids see this post…or I’m going to hear about how we need a YorkiePoo for the next few weeks!

    I’m glad Mattie can brighten your day. If you are longing for winter, come visit. We just had our first snow!
    Hugs from the great white north,

  7. Melissa Stanton says:

    Hello Ms. Nancy,

    I am Melissa, Cynthia’s daughter. I loved this! These two belong together as you can see lol. Mattie is really a breath of fresh air on any given day. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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