About the stars ….

Three posts ago, I questioned whether the stars were misaligned because of all the things going wrong here at our house.  Bought the tires and the new refrigerator, sodded the yard… thought things were under control.  But there’s  a new wrinkle — the plumbing.

Unbelievable.  When the washing machine drained,  the sink and toilet filled up with soapy water that overflowed,  flooded the laundry and powder room  and damaged the floor.

The plumber came.  He plunged and snaked and I handed him a hefty fee plus a weekend “penalty” and we thought the problem was solved. But it wasn’t.  That was Saturday.  On Sunday  morning as the water ran out of the washing machine, once again the toilet gurgled and water bubbled up to the rim.  No!

The plumber said (on the phone) that I’d have to pay another $79 penalty for a weekend call, and I responded something like, “Over my dead body.”  I hung up, telling Jon that we’d have to find a bathroom… maybe a kindly neighbor?  We could survive 18 hours, couldn’t we? But  half an hour later, as I seethed and had already begun writing my letter of complaint to the  plumbing company CEO,   the plumber called back.  He would be here later this afternoon — no extra charge.  Well, no Sunday penalty.  Most likely, he added, we’ll need to schedule a videocamera to examine the sewer pipe in the front yard.  Maybe tomorrow.

New alarms rang in my head.  The front yard?  A videocamera?  Tree roots, a broken pipe?  I’m envisioning a bull dozer, maybe an earth mover, a steam shovel, a hydraulic excavator. My sod chewed up like Ceasar salad.

Alas, the story has a happier ending.  After working on the sewer line with a snake while running water for two hours,  the line is finally open — and the yard wasn’t even touched.  The plumber announced the work is covered for 30 days, so there was no additional charge.  And, he added just before he left,  “Don’t buy any more of those baby wipes,  not even if they say ‘flushable.’ “

On the bright side, at least I’ll get more points on my credit card.    That’s good, isn’t it? At the rate things are going this fall,  I should earn a flight to Australia in no time.

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9 Responses to About the stars ….

  1. Maureen says:

    You,’re too funny but I don’t put anything down the toilet except toilet paper.

  2. Arleen Stolzenberger says:

    Yes, baby wipes are a no no. We went through this and back yard looked like a bomb hit. Sewer line collapsed and utility company told plumber wrong location for line. Took Bob two years to get lawn into shape. BTW this happened when we had house full of company for holidays. Arby’s gt to know us well for using their bathroom. I know what you mean about stars – I always say things come in threes. That seems to be the case for us. Chin up!!! Our best wishes to you, Bo and Jon and family.

  3. Pat says:

    Didn’t you have a similar plumbing ‘event’ this time last year? and I wonder why my grandson wants to be a plumber!!

  4. Annamarie says:

    Glad your sense of humor pulls you thru some of these trying situations! 😉

  5. Paula Kaye says:

    I had the same call a couple years ago. Mine was tree roots. He didn’t have to dig up the yard. Just used a tool to cut up the roots from above the ground. No problems since. And YES, NO baby wipes or wipes of any kind!!

  6. Mary Smith says:

    Glad to see you have found a silver lining in all of this with the points on your credit card!
    And definitely nothing down the loo about from toilet paper. We bought toilet wipes which said on the packet they were flushable – they weren’t. Well, they went down but then caused a blockage and everything came gurgling up the drain outside. Strangely, a weed which was growing on the path by the outside wall of the bathroom suddenly started growing to a tremendous size – from being something you could have pulled out easily it had to be dug up with a spade!
    I do hope you’ve had your run of bad things happenign and the stars have re-alaigned themselves to be on your side for a while.

  7. Mary Smith says:

    Sorry for typos – hit post before I checked.

  8. Pauline Koch says:

    Nancy, I love your positive outlook and of course your beautifully written blog! I hope your run of household problems is over. Take care.

  9. MCI Alice says:

    I am still laughing as I write. I just added a lot of miles on my card too, thanks to a broken pipe. Thanks to our husbands for giving us perspective on the less than important annoyances in our lives. I lift a glass of champagne to future travels to Australia.

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